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3 Pointers for Your Next PCP Visit

for patients with diabetes

We believe it's essential to have open and regular communication with your primary care provider (PCP) to manage your health effectively. Here are some things we encourage you to think about as you head into your next appointment:

  1. Medication Management

Are your medications working for you? If not, make it a point to discuss your medications with your PCP and any potential changes needed. Ask about the purpose of each medication, how and when to take them, and if there are any potential side effects.

  1. Monitoring Devices

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) are proven to help you lower your blood sugars and A1c. If you want to explore this valuable tool that gives you real-time info about blood sugar levels (without all the pokes), talk to your PCP about getting a prescription. CGMs help you understand how your blood sugar levels change in response to various factors, such as food, physical activity, and medication. If you're already using a glucose monitor, discuss proper use and maintenance.

  1. Preventative Care

Health conditions can affect different body parts! Make sure you are discussing yearly foot, eye and kidney exams and their results with your doctor. This can help avoid unwanted complications. 

If you have any concerns before or after your next PCP appointment, please feel free to contact your Season care team for support.