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“I’m Still Losing Weight and Have More Energy”: How Robin Changed Her Eating Habits With Season Health 

I’ve tried all sorts of things to help my diabetes and help me lose weight. At 64 years old, I also have pretty bad arthritis and had been weighing 250 lbs. I tried a diabetic-type diet for weight loss, and while I did lose some weight, I’d just put it right on again after a while. 

I received a flier in the mail about Season Health. I was immediately interested because it was about food and would help with the idea of losing weight, and that it’d also teach me about what I’m eating and how to change my way of eating. I talked to my husband and decided to give it a try. 

Surprising milestones 

At the beginning, I lost a lot of weight, fast; and then it tapered down a little. To my surprise, I found that I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am. My portions are smaller and even though sometimes I’d take a portion I’d normally take, I’d just end up eating half of it. 

Before joining Season Health, I’d snack a lot. Tasty cakes, peanut M&Ms, chocolate cake, oh, anything chocolate. I really didn’t care what I ate, it was purely by taste or whatever was easy to grab. My husband and I did a lot of eating out - hamburgers, greasy food… And we still occasionally do, but I’ll watch what I get, like go for chicken in sandwiches instead. 

I don’t eat chocolate or drink soda like I used to. I’ve found sugar-free candy, and am finding that I don’t miss the sugar. I found Reese’s sugar-free peanut butter cups but even that I have one maybe once a week. I have a pen pal in Australia that sends me different kinds of KitKats, and before I started the program, she’d sent me mint ones from Tasmania, and it sat in my refrigerator. Granted, they’re good, but all of a sudden, I don’t eat cookies and can go without them. 

I do a lot more cooking at home now, because I can watch what I make. I’ve learned to read the back of packages for the sugar, and I try to keep the percentage under 10, if possible under 5. Boy, I check those, especially when it comes to ingredients like frozen fruits. My big thing now when it comes to shopping is that if I’m ever in doubt, I put it back. I do that a lot now. Before I might have said, I’ll take it anyway. At this stage, I don’t. I say: "okay, nope, you don’t need it." If you have any questions, put it back.

Reaping the benefits

I was at 250 lbs, and with Season, I went down to the 220s. I’m still losing weight and now am down to 193 lbs. My A1c is down to 5.9. I feel better overall. I have more energy, my sleep and blood pressure has improved, and I don’t have as much pain in my joints as I usually do. I can walk through Walmart to go shopping and not feel winded. 

Whether you’re a full diabetic having trouble, or just starting out like I was, Season does help and it’s worth it. It gives you the knowledge to work with, it has the resources, the team still checks in even though I’m technically no longer in the program. There’s always help there if you need it.

So many of the little things added up to make my experience great. There was so much accessibility - when I needed help with anything or had questions, whether it was from my dietitian or someone else from the team, I’d get answers back fast within a reasonable time. The website was also so easy to use. I mainly look at the recipes, and like how easy it was to order, and order multiple servings, too. I also found that if I wanted substitutes, I could do so.

I want to be here for my three grandchildren. My mom’s in a nursing home, and I’d like to be around for her too, as long as she’s still here. I’ve got a husband who’s got some poor health - I want to be here. And I did it for me. I’m tired of the weight, tired of sitting and trying to get out of a chair and my hip playing out. I still have 17 lbs I’d like to lose and get down to 180. Once I get there, I’m going to go do a little shopping. I have three pants that I almost have fit out of, and that says something. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.