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Q&A with a Season Health Registered Dietitian and Diabetes Educator

We sat down with one of our RD's, Eliza Hamburger, and asked her some questions about diabetes and her time at Season!

What advice would you give a friend recently diagnosed with diabetes?

It's okay to be overwhelmed. It's okay to have feelings about your diagnosis. No matter what you have been told—your diagnosis is not your fault and it does not define you. Sometimes, the worst part about diabetes is the stigma. Diabetes can be well managed and controlled. In fact, most of the changes we recommend for people with diabetes are the same steps everyone should be taking to live a healthier life

What's the top misconception you hear from patients about diabetes or diabetes care? 

I hear from patients all the time—my blood sugar is high, I must not be eating right. Food can definitely play a role, but it's a common misconception that food/exercise are the only things that impact blood sugar. In fact, there are 42 factors that can change blood sugar levels! Only some of those factors have anything to do with food or exercise. At Season, we help patients look at all the possible reasons.

What's one habit change you recommend patients with diabetes work toward making?

One thing that comes up in almost every session is eating more vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals and volume in our diet. This can make it easier to stick to eating smaller portions of other foods. They also taste great when prepared right! Season recipes help a lot with that—I recommend adding a few recipes with vegetables per week to start. 

What's your favorite Season Health recipe to make (and eat)?

The Grilled Eggplant Gyros with Tzatziki. So delicious and flavorful, and a crowd pleaser!

What's your favorite thing about working at Season Health?

My favorite thing about working at Season Health is how much the whole team loves food. When I was studying to become a dietitian/diabetes educator, I was told there were some in the profession who love food and some who hate it. I am proud to love food and be part of a team that does as well.

What's one fun fact/funny story about your journey as an RD and Diabetes Educator?

My patients often comment on my last name. It's a happy coincidence that someone with the last name Hamburger decided to go into the field of nutrition. Sometimes people don't believe me that it's my real name—but it is!