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Kitchen Essentials: 5 Must-Have Pieces of Kitchen Equipment

Easy cooking and great meals begin with the right equipment.

Much like having the right utensils makes cooking that much more of a breeze, stocking up on a few key pieces of kitchen equipment is essential for any home cook. These staples will come in handy in more ways than one, so consider this your handy checklist to build your kitchen and create great meals. 

Cutting board

Most recipes begin by preparing a few ingredients. Set yourself up for success by choosing a cutting board with a large surface area and non-slip base. If your cutting board still moves around, dampen a paper or kitchen towel and place it on your work surface. Place your cutting board on the towel and press down to check for movement. Now it’s time to get slicing!

8-10” chef’s knife

Picking the right kitchen knife doesn’t need to be intimidating. Choose an 8-10” chef’s knife for all of your chopping needs. From dicing onions to slicing up a few deliciously crispy quesadillas, a standard chef’s knife will work for nearly any kitchen task.

Large nonstick pan

An important addition to any kitchen: the nonstick pan. Scrambling eggs, searing meatballs, and stir-frying vegetables are just a few of the stovetop tasks the nonstick pan was built for. When using a nonstick pan, remember to use only non-metal utensils since metal can damage the nonstick surface. Clean thoroughly with dish soap and warm water after each use.

Medium pot 

When stocking up on must-have tools and cookware, no kitchen is complete without a sturdy pot. If cabinet space is tight and you only have space for one, we recommend a medium (8-10” diameter) pot. Whatever pot you choose should be large enough to boil pasta or make a big batch of soup, but still small enough to cook grains like rice or quinoa. 

Baking sheet 

Finally, the sheet pan dinner staple! Baking sheets can be used for nearly anything that’s getting baked or roasted. Look for a rimmed baking sheet to ensure nothing will fall off the edge, then cook up one of Season’s sheet pan meals.