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Care you can count on

A team of dietitians dedicated to listening, learning and advocating for their patients to ensure high-quality, nutrition-based health care for everyone. 

Making the complicated clearer than ever

Navigating the world of food and nutrition on your own can be confusing and overwhelming. Our dietitians give support everywhere you need to succeed.

No judgement

Recently diagnosed? Curious about nutrition therapy? Been working through a health condition for years? We're here to help.

Partner with a dietitian

Your dietitian works with you to understand your unique health needs, medical history, and your food and taste preferences.

Set goals and grow

Get a customized and comprehensive nutrition prescription based on your needs.

Make meaningful changes

Receive support, learn about your condition, and get genuine encouragement every step of the way.

Nutrition isn’t

Reaching health goals means something different for everyone, so your plan needs to be flexible.

Everything we do centers around you


We start by identifying realistic paths to change

Your dietitian utilizes evidenced-based research and guidelines to help you create practical goals to ensure your meaningful, long-term change.


We create your Nutrition Prescription

Centered around your individual needs, tastes, and dietary preferences, your Nutrition Prescription ensures every meal fits your health goals.

Based on your needs

Your Nutrition Prescription is centered around your individual needs.

Focuses on healthy options

"Diet food" often tastes bad. Our chefs have that covered.

Changes with you

Nutritious food + amazing taste = change you’ll enjoy.


Reach your health goals with support every step of the way

Your dietitian checks in regularly with tips and support to help you build healthy habits on your journey to better health.

Meet our clinical team

Our nutrition experts

Michele Rager

Michele is a registered dietitian nutritionist with 16 years of experience in healthcare and technology. She holds advanced practice certification, has worked in private practice, and worked as a regional nutritionist for Whole Foods Market. Michele’s passion lies in building cutting edge nutrition-related products and services with the potential to transform the health and wellness space.

Elizabeth Adrian

Elizabeth is a registered dietitian nutritionist with clinical experience at NYU Langone and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She has also volunteered as a nutrition education specialist in Tanzania and worked as a nutrition counselor for the Boys & Girls Club. Elizabeth brings her passion for science, medical nutrition therapy, and community nutrition to support clinically-related product and service development at Season.

Eliza Hamburger

Eliza is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes care and education specialist. She has extensive clinical experience, ranging from large hospital systems like New York-Presbyterian to the Institute for Family Health’s network of outpatient community clinics. Eliza feels passionately about empowering patients to succeed by defining achievable goals and implementing behavior changes they can actually incorporate into their lives.

Treating conditions,

Food affects our bodies in so many ways. We adjust your nutrition based on your condition, as well as any allergies and preferences. 

Heart disease
Congestive heart failure
Chronic kidney disease
Celiac disease

Ready to join?

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you feel better, and we'd love to help you on the way.